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Kismet Update: Life & Death & Voting Rights



As this much heralded election draws near and many islanders are opting to stay away from the mainland as long as possible what are the possibilities of voting here?

Homeowners and fall seasonal renters are eligible to vote from here.

Voting now takes place in Bay Shore or by absentee ballot. NYS requires an excuse, such as "not here at this time."  check these links for more info  and


and if staying longer the Woodhull School in Ocean Beach is here for your K-6th graders School starts Sept. 9, and any legal Kismet resident can send their child or children there. Doing so just for a shoulder season, however, isnít recommended by any school. Like all schools, they will follow both Dept. of Health and Dept. of Education guidelines. Capacity (45 students) will determine which model (in-school or hybrid) will happen. Seventh graders and above will go to Bay Shore, which is operating on a hybrid model. So get in touch with them at or 631-583-5626. Laurie Ferraro is the superintendent 

2 14 year olds jump into Bay to rescue Jeannie Lieberman  from drowning


Hi Jeannie itís Brooke Allyís older sister here is the picture of them!!

Their names are Kayla Ruggirello(left) and Ally Winchester (right) and they are both going into freshmen year and are 14. They both took swimming lessons at a young age and Ally does sailing at BSYC. Kayla has been boating her whole life. They both heard you yelling for help when they were waiting for the ferry and jumped in to help without hesitation. Sean also from Pizza Shack where they all worked, waited on shore to offer help.

…After assurances that I was safe they ran for the ferry and made it where i hope they received an ovation.

 Much gratitude to Karen Spollen and the KFD, all suited up in that heat (I apologize)  2 anonymous on the spot lifeguards who lifted me out of the water, and the ever ready  Saltaire EMS who tried unsuccessfully to get me in ambulance to hospital (in a wet bathingsuit- really!!!).

Postscript: Amy sent a  charming feel better  bouquet delivered by 2 of my favorite Kismet people, Gracie & Casey, who also fixed my TVs  (I am truly blessed) and Alex, Susan and Carole  delivered the chocolate cake I requested as a celebration  of life!!!


While land life here is almost boring its life and death underwater

There was a ManOWar jellyfish siting in Kismet waters Monday and Tuesday a dolphin was attacked and killed by a shark in the waters between Kismet and Saltaire. 


Here is the code to the lifeguard swimming notification  flags (if you're colorblind ask someone)



Monday-Sunday august 3 - august 16

Bay Shore  Kismet

Kismet  Bay Shore


M 7:00am

7:50am M











M 7:30pm

Mon. thru Thurs. Only

8:00pm M


Fri. thru Sun. Only


M 9:30pm

Except Sun.

10:00pm M

...and that's Kismet!!!