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First Annual Kismet Surf Casting Contest - October 17th 2020

Sufr Casting

As the sun sets on another summer season, neighbors and friends of Kismet came together to kick off the first annual Kismet Surf Casting Tournament. Organized by ‘Rich from Murph's Inn’, the event was an enormous success. Twenty people signed up to participate, each one receiving this year's tournament shirt designed by Grady O'Halleran. Upon receiving the t-shirt, participants were also read the rules and scoring system. Striped Bass is what everyone would be chasing, with a keeper being worth 5 points, and a short worth 4. A bluefish of any size would score 3 points. Sea robins, skates and sand sharks were worth 1 point each.

You could not have asked for better weather for this event. Crystal clear sky, 60° and sunny with barely a hint of wind. The ocean was calm, and the birds circling the water just offshore instilled a sense of optimism as everyone hitched up their waders.

Participating surfcasters lined the beach as early as 9:30, and at 10:00am, organizer and master of ceremonies 'Rich from Murph’s Inn' sounded the horn signaling to all surfcasters along the beach to cast their lines. Hunks of clam, bunker and squid flew through the air like horses bolting out of the gate at the derby.

Most of the casters stood in disbelief as Mike Nugent reeled in the first catch of the day within minutes of the opening horn. It was a 32" striped bass earning him 5 points. The action would taper off throughout the day, but spirits remained high.

 Participants and spectators were even treated to a visit from a seal, who past by just 100 yards off shore. In the end, Mike “The Nug” Nugent and Johnny “Midnight Oil” Bagels would tie for first place with “Caveman” Jay coming in third.

Assistant score keeper Olivia Ketcham put her charm to the test as she took on the task of selling 50/50 raffle tickets up and down the beach and throughout town to raise money for the Kismet Fire Department. Congratulations to Erin Feltcamp for pulling in the winning ticket, and we are proud to say that $430 was donated
to the KFD.


There had been growing debate this summer over who makes the best chili in Kismet. The debate culminated enough interest to establish the First Annual Kismet Chili Cook-off. There is no better way to end a hard day of fishing than beer and chili. After heading off the beach, everyone traded in their rods for spoons. Eight cooks took their best shot. Everyone who attended was given a ballot, a bowl and a spoon.

The competition was tough, but in the end Marianna McGillicuddy of “Murph’s Inn” won hands down. Her chili was both delicious and unique with just the right amount of heat. The prize was an apron featuring this year’s chili cook-oof logo and of course bragging rights (until next year).

A great time was had by all. For most of us, this was the last big event of the season before heading back to the mainland to hibernate for the winter. We hope this day will remain an annual tradition, growing each year. It was a terrific way to wrap up the season. Thank you to all who participated, see you next year!


-Mark Ketcham from ‘Sandy Feet’