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If you pass by the corner of Seabay and Maple (aka the Ho Chi Minh Trail, so named by the late Peter Engleman) you would be treated to a detailed life size chalk rendering of Judy Garland as in Wizard of Oz 


If you are lucky you will see Conlon O’Leary creating his chalk sidewalk art in town. He is the 22-year-old nephew of late Carol Thomas staying in her house for the summer. When I saw him he was feverishly working on an almost life-size image of Judy Garland from the Wizard of Oz and a very good likeness. 

Conlon says he’s been drawing on everything he could since he was five. His favorite subject is Judy.

He majored in production design at Pace University and has pictures all over social media 

Conlon survives by getting commissions as a costume and scenic designer mostly on off-Broadway shows and touring companies, making just enough to sustain him in his goal: to "take people to a different place with my work and a new world. Escapism".

He is planning a huge mural that can be seen on the Bay. 

 You can reach him at Instagram and YouTube: Conlon O’Leary 

This is his "signature" 

"To be continued" he writes on his work... look for him

                                           Carol must be very happy