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The notice read:

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and come they did, en masse

here is report by Bradlee:

911 Memorial

On this past Saturday, Kismet residents gathered again -- twenty years later -- to remember and honor all the victims of that terrible day but particularly the two Kismet residents lost at the Twin Towers.  It was significant and meaningful that family members of Kismet’s two victims, with doubtless many venues open to them, chose to attend a simple remembrance in a place that Paul Sarle and John Ryan loved and that loved them.  Paul’s family described his new Kismet home as his “happy place,” where he had spent the previous Labor Day week and weekend. The Ryan family were long-time, beloved Kismet residents.  John‘s brothers , James and Scott, came this day, along with his parents, Ellen and Bob and many other family members.

Led by Chief Cody Baker in formal uniform, Kismet Fire Department flag-bearers and current and former fire fighters marched from the Kismet Firehouse bay to the Flagpole Memorial site, many of them in full turn-out gear.  The afternoon was breezy but surprisingly hot for September as they joined a large assemblage of residents and visitors gathered around the flagpole, fanning out along the bay and up Oak Walk and gathered on the deck and roof balcony of the Inn.

Long-time resident Frank Boulton opened the ceremony.  Sam Wood described it as the best-planned event in a history of Kismet’s non-planned events.  It was indeed simple but emotional, dignified and meaningful, bringing tears to many eyes. Kismet Community Association President Gary Leone memorialized the victims and acknowledged Kismet’s resident uniformed police and fire fighter veterans of that day. Suffolk County Police helicopter pilot and Marine veteran John Vahey performed a flyby in tribute.  Bagpipe music, often harsh, played softly as Amazing Grace and God Bless America echoed sweetly.  Laura sang National Anthem.  Former Marine and Kismet firefighter Grady O’Halloran presented flags to the families.  A heart-shaped red, white and blue wreath graced the flag pole platform .  At the end, every Kismet firefighter and retiree placed a single red rose at the base of the flag pole as the attendees moved quietly away.

photos by AZ

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Although it was a solemn occasion Sam defused it setting the mood

 “relax everyone, this is Kismet"


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Gary's speech (President of  KCA):

Good afternoon,
Twenty years ago, we vowed to never forget.
We are here today to keep that promise, and
to remember the heroism, courage, and acts
of kindness, of the firefighters, police officers,
first responders, and civilians, who lost their
lives while saving others.

We will never forget the sacrifice they made
that day, and we owe them and their loved
ones a debt of gratitude.

Today we also remember Johnathan Ryan and
Paul Sarle, who were both members of our
community, who died tragically, during the 9-
11 attacks.

As we stand here today as a community and a
family, may we have a moment of silence as
we mourn those, who innocently lost their
lives, as a result of the attacks, and for all our
military service members who died, fighting
the war against terrorism.

photos by Gary

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comments by Jeannie

We are blessed with a community able to unite in common causes be it as mundane as dune fencing or magnificent as paying tribute to a national calamity.

In a relatively small enclave the dedicated citizens of Kismet were able to more than adequately reflect the sentiment of the country and remembering, respecting and mourning the terrible events 20 years ago

Visuals on kismet homeowners Facebook capture the event and I have selected some others.

Thank you Arlene (AZ) and Gary

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And thank you Gary for that simple and effective speech also reproduced here.

We can all agree that Gary has repeatedly earned our respect as a stellar selection as president of KCA

Not only his attendance but active participation at all community events and organizations (who else would think to deliver water on a hot morning to the dune fence volunteers) but he is the epitome of transparency answering all questions no matter their significance as they appear

Even though I was regrettably unable to attend the ceremony the reports and the visuals I have received have been inspirational and I am proud to be part of Kismet.

Community once again United

God bless America....

                                                God bless Kismet!!!

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